Social Media Cards


Discover Blendid

Create personalized digital cards, aka *Blends*,
introduce yourself to the world &
keep in touch with the people you care.

  • Fully customizable Blends

    With templates add ons that fit your needs.

  • Multiple Blends

    Create multiple Blends! One for each aspect of your social life 🙂

  • Verified Social Media accounts

    Your Blend is 100% you.

  • Social updates/notifications

    Keep in touch with your friends and the people you really care about. Mark them as favorite and get push notifications for their social activity.

Ingredients so far

Choose Template
Choose the template that fits your needs. Keep your eyes open for special and limited edition templates!
Connect your social accounts, add profile and background images and make your Blend your alter ego!
Share your Blend with the world and let your friends get informed about your social activity. Grab their Blends too ;)